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Unique design process based on behavior psychology

Our Behavior Design based process for developing innovative solutions is quick, repeatable and efficient. With a systematic way of redesigning for user behavior psychology, every iteration improves on a previous one guaranteeing a steady rate of progress towards a successful solution. All global tech companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Apple, Spotify etc. integrate Behavior Design into their creative processes. The main advantages of our process are:

Maximum efficiency

Our process typically takes 2 weeks. Each subsequent iteration is based on the previous conclusions, maximizing the likelihood of success.

Minimum risk

The very short process allows us to identify potential obstacles very quickly. As a result, we are able to act and minimize risk almost immediately.

Special consultations

We provide consultation services for start ups. Statistically, new solution have about a 5% chance of success. The main reason behind this failure is a lack of user desire for involvement. This is because: 1. Users are not motivated to use the solution 2. Using the solution is too difficult. 3. Users have insufficient desire or incentive to use the solution.

During our consultation, we are able to identify the underlying problems behind the low retention of your solution. We will suggest appropriate changes to maximise the attractiveness and retention capability of your solution, potentially saving you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs, and maximising the use of your solution.

"Power of behaviors”

“The discovery of sets of behaviors carried out by users in a systematic manner guarantees the reproducibility of results regardless of geological or cultural boundaries.”

David Ngo Worldwide expert on Behavior Design

Netflix Case

Do you remember the times when the episode of your favourite series ended with a cliff-hanger and you wanted to know immediately what will happen next?

The creators of Netflix knew what you felt — curiosity and the frustration resulting from the inability to satisfy it.


According to behaviour design, you wanted more but had to wait. This behaviour is binge-watching, i.e. watching until your interest is satisfied.

Designed with behavior in mind

The entire Netflix platform has been designed to make binge-watching easier. All functionalities are considered first and foremost from this point of view.

Up to 10 times more efficient process

Designing successful solutions can be very costly and require large financial resources. By applying Prototype Thinking, a rapid iteration methodology used by Google’s innovation department, we were able to improve the rate of progress 10-fold over the standard approach used by current design studios, cutting costs and minimizing the risk of failure at the same time. Our process is ideal for creating innovative service platforms and mobile applications.

Research and emotion analysis

First step

What we do:

We research and analyze end users emotional tensions and internal motivations in the context of the solution.

Why we do it:

We need to know exactly what our end users are motivated to do, so that we can design a solution they will be happy to use even if they are not yet fully aware that that is what they really want to do.

Design and prototype

Second step

What we do:

We create the simplest possible prototype based on a specific behavior or behaviors of our choice.

Why we do it:

We don’t need a complex solution to test for behavior psychology. Often, a few screens are enough to know if the given direction is worthy of further investment.

Snaptest and revision

Step three

What we do:

We snaptest our prototype on a group of up to 10 users.

Why we do it:

All successful solutions generate a high impact observable on a small target group. Just 10 users is enough to prove whether we achieved our goal or indicate that we should try a different approach in the next iteration.

Key rules of success

We check

As humans we are always biased in some way. We eliminate that bias by implementing scientific methods and testing to identify whether our hypothesis is correct.

We improve

What does not work gets replaced by a new approach in the next iteration. What works remains part of the final optimised solution.

Behavior Design for Market Leaders

See how the leaders satisfy user needs through behaviour


Discover music when you feel like it

Progress through sport

Celebrate and make new friends

Hold on a second

Sport is for all

Mathematics of Success

The work methodology has been successfully implemented in projects for companies such as Spotify, UNICEF or VISA.

Experienced Team

A multidisciplinary team of experienced experts is responsible for the completion of the project.

High success rate

With 25 iterations, the probability of success of our solution on the market reaches 93%. Further iterations improve it even more.


Chances of success

Team of experts

The project team consists of experts from all over the world, led by Krzysztof Czubak and Pragmatic.Studio.

Krzysztof Czubak

Project leader. Behavior Design Expert.

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David Ngo

Global Behavior Design Expert

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Marcin Rybicki

Expert in big data and artificial intelligence

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Pragmatic.Studio Team

Design and marketing experts.

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Faster, cheaper, safer way to successful solutions

Our process works best for creating innovative service platforms and mobile applications. The value of using our process in creating innovative solutions is comparable to the value of using GPS in planning a journey. If you know where you want to get to, we can find the best way to get there.


Repeated behaviors become habits driving high retention and high scalability potential.

Viral Potential

Once users accept your solution as their prime choice, they will encourage their friends to use it too.

Opinions on
our experts

“David’s Behavior Design workshop was stellar. One day working with David saved my team at Spotify hundreds of engineering hours. Through simple, fun, and occasionally wacky methods; he helped us reach a level of goal-clarity that previous multi-day workshops fell far short of. In the end, the team stood to give him a standing ovation! I’d highly recommend him for any team that wants customers to do anything.”


David led a “Behavior Design 101 (and beyond)” presentation to my colleagues and me at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Not only did David offer a fun and engaging way to learn the key elements of behavioral design; he also demonstrated many great participatory/kinesthetic teaching techniques that ensured that we all internalized these key messages.


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